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Saturday, September 29, 2012

More on DRI

Diamondhead in Honolulu.

In order to maintain Hawaiian Resorts, which are more costly than those in the states or overseas because of the high costs of watering vegatation and maintaining ocean front property, DRI has formed the Hawaiian collection, all the resorts he owns are hooked into his same bank account, so if you own a resort in Maui you still get to help pay for the disaster in Kauai and your costs go up.

I tell you this because yesterday DRI paid for an add on Amazon offering five nights at the Kannapalli Beach Resort for 700 bucks, an awesome deal, and it is a lovely resort, we had a blast there.  Just know that DRI is giving away a 400 dollar a night room for the chance to hook you into their system.  If I had kept my resort membership the maintenance fees each year I used the resort had risen to 1800 a week or over 250 dollars a night, so my 10000 investment really meant nothing in making my vacations cheaper.

I will let this go of this.....unless they come after me and try to hurt my credit.

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