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Sunday, September 16, 2012

He's always been faithful to me

That's the title of a song by Sarah Groves that plays off the classic hymn and the verse in Lamentations. Her mother had bypass surgery this past week, and her sister has a rare chemical imbalance that takes her mobility away. I am saying that life can be hard and things happen and have always happened but the promises of God and His presence turn all those hard things into part of the plan for our blessing.

Romans talks about a lot of things that happen in this world and they are not pleasant, but none of those things can separate us from the love of God in Christ, and that is comforting and true, the word made flesh entered into this flawed by design world, and it took his body out, but unleashed the healing spirit of the Father and the Son, and we have made progress as man and mankind.

Lots of angry people hate me and want me to die. I am an American by national birth, one who has been blessed by our freedoms, and someone wants me to die. It's a disquieting thought, but I have a greater thought about the One who loves man and mankind, so I feel compassion for the blindness that has led that part of world to be motivated by such hate and misguided passion. I always realize that God did create government for the restraining of lawlessness, and boy do we need some wisdom in how to deal with the muslim terrorists. They are not fading away.Today I shall preach and teach about the grace and truth that came through Christ.

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