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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Ayes clearly did not have it

It seemed like a cool car at the time, turned out to be a real loser.

It was probably 40% for and 60% against putting God and Israel  in the Democratic Convention.  I do not have the same reaction as many who believe God would hold this rejection against them.   He knows the heart is blind, and politics is about compromise.  But it is still a bit chilling that the words were inserted with such a mixed voice vote for political expediency.

So now the final race is on, and the faithful from both parties will cheer and work for their candidate, knowing that the uncommitted voters, the independent voters, and undecided voters who may honestly be the least informed people around, will likely choose the next president, or some incredible numbers game in the outmoded electoral college will create a scandal again.

I do care, I really do, but I pledge allegiance to the Lamb. I truly hope will all my heart the best candidate will win, but I have got to prepare for either outcome in my heart and in my ministry to the Church.

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