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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its your fault we are doing this???

This is my Android phone shot out the window looking at clouds toward the end of the day. Very peaceful, from the God of Peace.

It your fault we are hating and killing you is what I heard last night from a muslim man. Americans are free to share opinions, and YouTube cannot be censored, so someone used his freedom to criticize the prophet and it is your fault we hate you and are killing you.

The funny thing about our freedom is that in reality my God, whom I love is cursed every minute of every day    for bad golf shots to hammered fingers to bad stock markets.  Every time I teach that God is this someone says no, Hes not this He's that.  And we argue, but we do not kill our opponents.

I am sympathetic with my missionary friends who ask that we be more careful in what we publish as they have to live in those rapidly growing muslim cultures.

There is something to all this both sides must face. Is God a violent being? Most muslims and christians would insist He is, and that we are fortunately on the right side of God's violence. Somehow the message of Jesus needs to come into play here, and if we are honest we have to admit that christian violence and murder has the same sordid history as does the muslim violence in the name of Allah. They are both to be faced before we kill each other to death, big time, and sooner than we think.

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