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Monday, September 24, 2012

Back into the fray

I really enjoyed professional golf this season and am happy a non super star walked away with the big prize this year. Way to go, Snedeker.

The funny thing about living and politics and health and faith is that you are almost always involved in opinions and debates. It is very hard to find answers that are unified and incontrovertable.

My doctor believes cholesterol numbers are the culprit in plaque buildup, yet I have had much improved numbers and still have problems. The paleo people eats lots of meat and butter and eggs do not worry about such things and say medicine is way off base on this thinking.  The vegans say eating animals and eggs and milk is sure fire invitation to cancer and heart disease.

How to proceed?

I am listening to all sides. Aware of all the major debates in health and faith, and politics, each of which have affected my past and will affect my future, our future.  If I do not stop plaqueing I will not have a very long future, and I must be proactive on this one.

So, start where there is consensus.  Hippocrates said, let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine. Eat nothing wrapped in plastic, that does not rot.  Eat fresh living vegatables and fruit and small amounts of protein from healthy vegetable sources and some fish and chicken. Bad fats and oils go, good fats are still my friends, stay active. Work on stress management??? See previous post???

In faith, the way I live and talk are more important than solving minor theological issues, but major issues like the plan and character of God must be taught.

Hope that America remains a place for individual freedom and opportunity, that people have compassion on the poor and disabled and needy.

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