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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sublaxation and other pressing matters

One of my favorite point of views in vacation photography is to catch my wife watching scenery. My joy is increased by sharing her joy in appreciating Maui's beauty.

I have been looking for a new chiropractor since my former clinic was empty when I went for help recently. I  was warned after an MRI and CT scan not to have my neck manipulated with force anymore, and I am OK with no longer enduring that rather scary procedure, so I have now had two sessions with a fine clinic with a fine reputation for helping people with sports injuries and other joint and nerve related problems.  So far so good. This doctor uses the activater method and he has introduced me to his power driven pile driver of an activator that gives rapid hits and responds with a beep when the bone adjusts. I like it because you know something is being done, and yet you are being spared the wrestling match when the other type twists you and puts all his weight on you hoping to hear a pop. I feel like the loser in a Sumo wrestling match sometimes.

For any potential skeptics out there just let me say that the bones are all connected to muscle and nerves and sometimes we get out of kilter and need help.  He found the source of my present pinch and my arm was responding convulsively and is really responding well later last evening. 

Another friend who has serious back problems lent me her machine that provides electric pain masking and massage, and wow is that cool, just criss cross the soreness and six different patterns zap the pain, flex the muscles, and sooth the nerves. I am all in with that gizmo.

I am really trying to get away from obsessing with my health, but its on my mind and in my thoughts until I feel functional again. So bear with me friends and family. Still very grateful to be alive and to have the great and precious promises of the One whose presence fills each day with purpose.

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