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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The very old and very fragile

Everyone I know wants to live and be healthy a long time. This week after jumping back into the fray I have been by the bedside of some of our super senior saints in their mid 90s. This was the generation that came of age and served as young men and women in WWII. Many of their wedding dates coincidence with shipping out dates, and as everyone confessed, they were our greatest generation.

Here is some of what I gleaned for your own reflection in your aging process.

They are not afraid to die.  This is good because they are close.

They still enjoy living because they are surrounded by loving people. I get that.

You cannot judge longevity by the outward package. Some of these folks are so frail you can blow them over with a sneeze, but their bodies are still healing and resiliant. Its a wonderfully made tent.

Keeping your mind sharp is why you want your body to work, once the mind goes, the body is quite burdensome. Pray that you will keep your wits up unto the end.

Being thankful and appreciative and having a sense of humor are timeless and ageless.

Pain and suffering are not easy for any of us, and that's why we provide senior care, hospice, and pain management as part of our humane treatment of our senior seniors, and why I am here.

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