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Friday, August 31, 2012

A One Night Fan

For one night, Larry, Matt and I saw what a season ticket holder in professional footballs Phoenix Cardinals experience on game night.

Forty five miles of bumper to bumper traffic at 7:30 at night. Being directed down a parking row only to find no spaces and no way to turn around.

Great seats near the goaline, but 80 percent of the game was played near the other goal for some reason, so we watched the replays on TV like those at home.

I got to see Payton Manning in person as I had seen his father Archie, but he did not play a snap in this last pre season game.

Had a really bad comedian behind us acting like he should lecture the team on every play. Shhhsh?

We lost with a last second field goal.

75 dollar ticket 100 mile round trip, nightmare to get out of the parking lot, expensive snacks, Wow to be a fan of pro football. But the tickets were a gift, and we passed on the snacks, and I got a 40 cent discount on
at Frys to refill the tank this morning.

Good parts, the cheerleaders, the music, some fine passing and a runback after a kickoff for a score. Seeing Peyton Manning running on and off the field. 70,000 happy people in a huge impressive stadium even though its 40 miles away from the east valley.   Being with my son and friend.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog--gave us a bunch of chuckles--Eden