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Friday, July 31, 2009

A Fine Tuned Universe spreads like butter!

I could not sharing this butter picture found on another site I visit. It kind of says it all, doesn't it? My friend Jorg commented that this kind of dilemma has split many churches and denominations. Now this is related to picture #2, a book I was reading reviews of chapter by chapter on Jesus Creed, a wonderful blog by Dr. Scott McKnight and then I bought the book to assist me in my August Bible Study.

Do not buy this book, read Scott's reviews, as the language is so theological and scientific and so connected to a school of thought that most of us are unfamiliar with. The point of the book and my month long study, is to take another look at creation, and see where we are in relation to "Natural Theology". Are there proofs for Gods existence in the Universe? Way before Darwin, a book was written in the early 1800s showing proofs of God's existence from nature, the earth, and the universe. Since then scientists have been battering away at Theistic proofs.

Dr. McGrath engages the modern atheist and chastises modern Christians for putting their heads in the sand and committing some Galileo like boo boos by not using the scientific method in a helpful way. There ara all kinds of insights into the creators sustaining methods that are remarkable and observable.

For me, these summer studies began six years ago, this is the seventh, but noting how completely observant Jesus was of the world around Him and how everything He saw, and touched became illustrative of His father and the revelation of the Kingdom He was bringing. You name it, if it moved, smelled, created life, he used it. Wine, seeds, bread, water, mud, stones, trees, fields, paths, fish, clothing, earth and sky.

Jesus was in touch with the Fathers creation. As part of my campaign to learn more about the life despising message that crept into the church via Augustine's Neo Platonic influence on Christendom, I am joining others in showing that this life is a blessing, a joy, an adventure. This life is where I am living ionian life, age enduring life, this life is where I practice justice, humility, while takeing some time to smell the roses, drink the coffee, and yes, oh yes, to slather real butter on my toast, Can I get an amen, brothers.

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