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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eat Right, Get Moving, Keep it Fun!

I have begun month two of my shape up program. The scale bounces between 8 and 10 lbs lost. It seemed to be working faster the first two weeks, but my body adjusted and no matter what you do, 2 lbs a week is great and I am looking at it that way.

First thing I did was buy some very light running shoes, I got ASICS and they are very comfortable. Then I tried to get my mind right spiritually for the change as I am a very sick food addicted glutton, excuse my truth telling. Then I used information from the 70 diets books I have read and owned, which means sort of a low carb, healthy fat, less food volume kind of plan. Then I committed to at least six days of walking 45-60 minutes a day, and we have our hand weights and stretching cords around the house.

Third and last thing is to have occasional one meal or dessert breaks, although my Birthday was an orgy of overeating, and to make it bearable by making it fun. For that I carry my Ipod and sometimes my camera when walking. The other day I was listening to the Superman Theme in John Williams Movie CD and I began to walk with the beat and almost starting flying it was so good, it made me smile. The Ipod helps me sleep, masks my tinnitus. Because I have cool children I have pretty cool music, I am up to 4800 songs not counting Xmas stuff I store on the hard drive. I really love my New Age instrumental stuff. If you have not listens to Wyndam Hill records which is bought by Sony, they have been the home of many single artists like George Winston and some great jazz guitarists. Love Enya,learning to love Yanni, wish people knew me by just one name, but not Donny???!!!!!


Jim Purdy said...

"the 70 diet books I have read and owned"

LOL! I can relate. I think I have a diet library bigger than the diet section at Barnes and Noble. The trick is to not eat while I read a diet book.

Don Hendricks said...

Thanks for commenting Jim, and I wish I was kidding, but hope springs eternal when someone says some book helped them. Thankful for half price bookstores and used.
I also realized that everytime I do this month one works and month two fizzles, so the real work in ahead.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear you are on the almost straight and narrow--I got the results of my MRI on my left knee today and will have surgery Sept 3--going to play lots of golf before that hopefully!

I read every food tip that comes along on msn.com and have already known most of them but as you say, hope springs eternal!

I think two lbs. a week is GREAT--shouldn't try for any more than that--

Phyllis' trick at bible study to keep her from being tempted with the goodies is to brush her teeth first--I guess some people think we need those goodies but I vote for just coffee! :) Eden