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Saturday, August 1, 2009

This car is not a clunker!

You are what you drive....if that's true I am old and worn out. This has been my car for the last two years. I was hoping it might qualify for the gov'ment cash. It is a 1992 Acura Vigor with 236,000 miles on it. I am actually very happy to have this car. It belonged to a salesman in CA who was finally told by his boss to drive something newer, he gave it to his folks who gave it to the church. I have been given several cars in my ministry. A buick, a Subaru, A great Toyota Cressida which I unfortunatey burned out the engine on, and this Acura. Runs like a clock, though the brake Warning lights have been shining for two weeks

Its does not qualify because when it was new the epa said it got 20 miles a gal and thats two to many. Its hard to resist free money. I began to think about a newer minivan to carry the kids around. I have owned a Dodge Caravan which we wore out on a paper route and a Ford Van which fell apart. My families only new car in their life was a Ford Falcon, which became my college car, replaced by the car of my dreams, a yellow Ford Gran Torino which escorted by bride around when we were dating. Our baby years car was an awesome Chevy Impala which I wore out on a salesman route. We became Dodge people when the town we lived in only had one dealership and he gave deals to our family.

We owned a bunch of Saturns because I liked the philosophy of the company, safe, no haggling, its the best price we can offer, and we will take care of you. Which they did. I am kind of glad that Ford has weathered the storm and is making great cars. Now the new Ford Flex, that is really who this Grandad is, if I only had 40 grand laying around, and the $4,500 would have been a start.

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