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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life is to be lived, not escaped!

A reformation in thought with no dead bodies is desired here, and I see it everywhere. Hundreds of Pastors spend a weekend with Rob Bell and friends, the major premise, We have been preaching the fall from Gen 3 without the goodness of creation echoed in Gen 1-2. The Christian Monist website of Dr. Micheal Jones is sharing his book manuscript about the influence of Platonic Dualism and forms of modern Gnosticism on Evangelicalism that goes back to the father of modern theology Augustine. Jesus tells us He is bringing the Kingdom message here, and we can't wait to go there.

All the beauty of this good creation is ours to enjoy, and walking in love and reconciliation with our neighbors and praying for peace and doing justice and walking humbly before God is our joyful calling. I am fortunate that from the very start, in my first Sunday School Class, as a brand new believer, we studied Romans, using the Book for Teens entitled, "How to be a Christian, without being religious."
It is this creation, this universe, this humanity that is being renewed in the image of God in Christ For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. I will be resurrected bodily for a time/space new creation, so this present creation is to be cared for, ministered to, and enjoyed to the glory of God.

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