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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OK so you can get in your own photos, now get out!

I love the power of remotes. It took me three tries to get Genevieve and myself actually in the frame, it takes practice to see the shot and then get in the shot, but allow me to introduce my secretary of over six years. She is organized, disciplined, effective in dealing with our folks, all who love her and tolerate me.
Thank you for your hard work and excellent skills and for making our work environment so pleasant.

Thanks to the lovely administrative assistant at my Dental Office for handling all the paper work, and schedules and making my time at the Dentists also pleasant. Today I had the stitches out from the implant and a buckle and DO, whatever that is. Doc said I identified my tooth number wrong last week....figures.

I visited an elderly man today who had a mild stroke a month ago. It is the second anniversary of the death of his second wife. He talks a blue streak with hand gestures and some of the words were understandable, but the story made absolutely no sense and seemed to be weaving tales from all over his life. His caregivers say he occasionally get very angry and wants to go home from the care center. I sometimes wonder if the mixed brain signals actually help people cope with their situation. This is a man who kept minutes for most every group he belonged to and used his computer quite efficiently into his 80s. I believe in the resurrection of the body and the restoration of our consciousness.

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