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Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Dieting Today, A Funny Sequel

Began the day making lunches for the homeless feeding program at Phoenix Rescue Mission with 20+ folks from church, carried 35 cases of badly needed water for them to pass out. Thank you generous saints of SLCC.

A fantastic Chinese Buffet for lunch in which I splurged.

Tonight we laughed out loud the Night at the Museum 2. The first was cute and this one topped it with sight gags, hilarious dialogue, uplifting messages, and a cute love story with the queen of cute, Amy Adams. How this women keeps landing roles that fit her wide eyed cuteness I don't know. Made me want to spend a week in DC and visit the Smithsonian. This movie will be in our library someday.

More culinary excess at On the Border, mahi mahi fish taco, guacamole dip, and for me a rare drink, a margurita. Tomorrow I get back on the program. Now 59, I promise not to sound like a stuffy museam all the time but a living person with new and fresh experiences along with some memories as well.

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