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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am a minister of a new covenant, based on better promises

There are at least seven tribes in the church, so says Barna's latest book. I have not read it, but I have studied the things we tend to agree upon and the ways we differ. We used to have divisions along the line of liberal/conservative, and of course the denominational identities of our unbringing. I always liked C.S. Lewis who called his book Mere Christianity.

I love the gospel Paul received, and try to explain it and understand it. He is not the curmudgeon many think he is, especially those who believe he is pretty strict on woman's rights. At the core of Pauls Theology is a powerful, broad, sweeping, explanation of just how God is going to bring reconciliation to the Universe, both seen and unseen, and its all wrapped up in the New Man, the risen and living Christ, who gives life that is age enduring, and I am enjoying that life this afternoon as I sip coffee, and head out to a time of fellowship. Listen to Paul's revelation of victory and you can get through the difficulties of this present age with His presence and power. It is all about the power of love and the passion to forgive, and heal, and help. Its about being saved by the faith "OF Christ" His faith, His victory, His inescapable love. I don't know which tribe that puts me in, and it has given me rest for my soul. Savior, like a Shepherd, lead us, much we need thy tender care.

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Anonymous said...

Went by a car on the way home from the Mariners game this evening with a bumper sticker that said "God is just pretend". At first I was thinking "there is a special place reserved for people like that" and then I thought, well, when that person meets a bump in the road I guess he's all alone--it was a man driving a mini-Cooper and looking oh so smug--Eden