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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireplace Mantle Project Phase II-content added

Laura suggested we ask which one you like, but I am not changing it again. Instead, play..."How many differences can you spot in this picture?" I always liked that game.
Anyway with a couple of coats of Behr "Heron" we got it back together with some significant changes to help the eye flow through the room, as Melissa says. The Heron was the color on the top left in the sample. The last time we updated our home was when Lauras mother died in 1993. We loved her furniture, but over the years the cats really damaged it, and kids in college affected our spendable income.

Melissas degree in interior design really helped us find this look we like, and we have discovered a two sided tape that really discourages cats from scratching. I have enjoyed seeing Laura pleased with the room, working together to reach a goal with her and our daughter, and...inheriting some of my favorite furniture for my home office , which I always tell her she needs an invitation to enter now.

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Anonymous said...

Don, you are becoming quite a photographer. The top picture looks just like it is out of a HGTV decorating book. By the way, the living room is casual but cosmpolitan too...and very user friendly and comfortable.
Well done!