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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Front Yard Landscaping Party

Roger and Sherrian invited us to see the finished product of a paverstone driveway and landscaping. They were also thanking and apologizing to their neighbors for the dust and noise over the weekend. There is hardly a place in their home that has not been remodeled since we met and they tell me this is it, they are finished. We enjoyed chatting and viewing their photos of a recent trip to London and Paris All week long I have been discovering that the rain we enjoyed at our home last week did enormous damage just 1/2 mile south of us throughout the areas south of Riggs Rd. Trees down, roofs damaged, debri everywhere, and just a sprinkle in Queen Creek 8 miles east.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Nice house...is it for sale?

Jean@Yardworkerz said...

Well, after all the hassle and bustle brought by the tedious lawn makeover ... it's worth the wait. Your place just looks gorgeous!