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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How quickly pass the years

My memories are mine, of painful and sublime, of the ordinary and the extraordinary, of the precious and the frivolously spent hours. May my moments oh Lord, continue to be spent in the presence of your abiding love, among those I meet, may I be a welcome fragrance of friendship and not a stinker. Now thats a Hallmark Card.....Not!

I play a game remembering where I was each decades birthday, after all memory is important and needs to be stimulated. Thankfully it is also selective and tends to dredge up the best of times

1999- beginning a building project, Grace Church Queen Creek, very happy time
1989- last summer at Moss Point Presbyterian Church, three young children in a nice small town, Lauras mom is part of our daily life as she works for me at church.
1979- Crystal Springs, young bride, first baby, overwhelmed and underpaid
1969- Camp Counselor Alpine Alabama my first ministry, blew taps every morning, three meals no snacks, the healthiest I have ever been
1959- a happy third grader in Oneonta, New York, riding bikes and playing with my army men in the root systen of a huge oak in front of our home.
As I said, the years are flying by.

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Andrew said...

Happy birthday!!