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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breath of God, Aionian Life

Sometimes the presentation of a guest artist stirs us out of our normal level of expectancy and a moment of presence occurs in corporate worship. Today we had a flute/organ duet to a piece called He shall lead His flock.

A sense of the holy filled the room as we listened quietly and reverently. Our congregation generally expresses appreciation by applauding music but I asked them not to and explained how that beatific moment is part of our experience of aionian life, it changes us now, blesses us now, lifts us now, calms us now, creates longing now.

She also played Ashoken Farewell, an inspired creation of recent origin often associated with the Civil War through Ken Burns Historical Documentary series. She played a bass flute, a huge thing that she handled and played beautifully.

An instrument played with breath and relying on vibration of sound to create tonal melody. Its a God thing, and powerful to move our spirit within us.

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