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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sierra and Thexdar?

My grand kids brought over a borrowed Wii. We played baseball, golf, bowling, and some various shoot em ups. It is a remarkable technology and there is actually some physical movement, but it still feels like we are headed toward WallE world.

I still remember the original Sierra adventure games on my IBM XT. You had worlds to explore and a bunch of problems to solve. And Thexdar was a transforming robot who walked and flew through a maze of levels. Recreation...time away from work and thought to recharge, is a part of the human condition and being young, whether it is the tire rings being pushed with a stick back in the Spanky and our Gang days. I have a few more posts about ministry beginnings, but I needed some recreation, and before we played we actually went to the pool and swam and played in real water with real kids. My granddaughter has absolutely no fear of making new friends, it takes her about three minutes. Remarkable.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, the robot game you mentioned was called Thexder... I still have it but haven't played it in some time... Fun game... I do not think that Sierra is in business anymore...
Sigh... Take care