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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've looked at Clouds for One Day Now

Sounds like a great lyric, but the cumulus clouds were so amazing as I made my way out of the state by the southeast road through Globe, Thatcher and Duncun on Hwy 70. From Lordsburg NM I took a detour up to Silver Lake and got up around 7000 ft above sealevel, tried to make some cliff dwellings but the time got to me so I spent 8 hours driving and sightseeing and am resting in Deming NM

The beauty of the Southwest is something to see. It changes so much at different elevations as well, from scrub to tree to forest. I visited an old church cemetary that had headstones from the early 1800s. Click on the pics to fill your screen with rocks and clouds.

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