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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging Year 2

This is my 338th post since starting a year ago after returning from my 40th High School Reunion. I found the idea of seeing and hearing the ongoing stories of those of us who graduated High School together to be interesting and fascinating.

I never had the idea of this being a thinking blog or a debating blog or a how to do it blog. It is more of a sharing my daily life blog with hopefully some bits of wisdom and some things I have learned and some issues I would love to see my church address and improve, and by my church I mean the church that exists in many forms, the Christ followers.

I add a picture because it adds interest and I love the captured instant. It allows me to share my hobby and give visual reference to the things I experience. So, I am not going to add a hit counter because I am sure it would depress me. I am just going to spend a few moments each day when I have something to share, putting my words on paper, and spicing it with a recent or archived photo.

I looked back and realized I was dieting a year ago, lost some, gained it back. Month two is crucial for recommitment. A weekend of feasting set me back a bit.

Today I found out a new out of state friend of mine had Valley Fever that settled in his leg. He spent a good time rebuilding a rock river in his yard recently and I always wonder if the exposure to dust when you are a new comer is dangerous. I am thankful I have avoided that desert disease.

I loaded all my four day road trip and wedding pictures on my computer and relived each shot, such fun. Stop by when you get a chance and say hello if something catches your heart.


Melissa said...

Happy Blogging Birthday. : ) I enjoy reading your daily reflections.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don. Great to see your blog! Enjoyed reading and will return for more.---Ruthie Wood Mitchell, Callaway class 1968