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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Before Dark

815 miles, that got the road trippin out of my system for a while. There is a funny line in one of my favorite movies, Support Your Local Sheriff, where the mayor's daughter keeps doing awkward and embarrasing things, like setting her dress on fire. After Jim Garner douses the flame she shakes her fist at him and says, "I'm sick and tired of all this stuff thats happening to me and somebody better do something about it quick".

As I was packing to leave the hotel and go the the Starks for lunch, I could not find my car key. I tore the room apart and unpacked everything four times. We finally decided to call triple A when a maid said she had found the key outside my door and it was locked up. So, by the time I spent the afternoon eating and enjoying the family I had to skeedaddle home.

I also broke my one month old 3g Verizon Wireless Modem. Somebody better do something about all this stuff that keeps happening to me!!!!!!

This is my one year blog anniversary, its been fun. More tomorrow. My teacher sweety wife meets a new class room of raw recruits tommorrow morning. Pray for strength.

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