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Friday, August 26, 2011

When a protocol actually begins to work

Engaging Maui with theological debate by car signing!

When a protocol actually begins to work you are astonished, and doubtful, and hopeful, and afraid it will disappear tomorrow.

As a person who lives with heart problems, my motivations for healthy eating and my studies in the area of health and nutrition are very personal. I am learning that there is no one size fits all diet and we all must approach our personal health with lots of basics and some degree of listening to our own bodies needs.

As I have moved more in the direction of a whole foods diet, my body seems to be responding with blood sugar readings that are normal after eating. If I continue on the medication I actually suffer from low blood sugar readings. My liver seems to be recovering its functions. Each trip to the gym adds that life giving stimulus of muscle movement, stretching, and metabolic stimulation. It is slowly doing what was promised. God really did design food to heal and nourish our bodies.

You listen to different ideas, engage the viewpoints on what is best to eat, what foods to avoid. Its just like any belief system, you have the status quo, the experimenters, the genius who is considered a quack. You have the quick and easy solutions which usually end up on late night half hour infomercials that describe fat just melting effortlessly off your body for four easy payments of 39.99. Sheesh!

I write this at 4 in the morning, having just watched what is being offered for the insomniacs on TV. I am trying a new protocol that has me experiencing the effects of a body cleanse. Whether mind, body, or soul issues, we are our own experiments.

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