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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucy, You got some Splanin' to do

San Diego flower pics.

That's my favorite line from the Lucy series. She always thought she could get what she wanted by bending the rules, white lying, and looking so lost when she got caught, and we loved her for it. When I watched them as an adult I felt she was an incredibly selfish and self centered person. But I loved her too.

She was flawed but love able, and long suffering Husband stayed with her, at least in the series, not in real life.

We are all tragically flawed but we have a Father who knows that and stays with us.

My car is now two years old. It was a a great decision for me to buy a Kia Sedona, I love the room to haul people and things, the high ride, the comfort and decent gas mileage. On the 8th of August it will have about 26,000 miles, about average for someone with a short commute to work. May she continue to serve well.

August is my healing metabolism month. I am doing some things differently in terms of fueling my body, exercising, and getting rest.

August is my exploring deeper Bible study in which we will engage the inclusive message of Rob Bell and others to test our orthodox opinions on "How It All Ends"

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Kansas Bob said...

Always thought Lucy was the stronger (and more talented) of the two. Hard to believe the show aired so long ago - seems like it was just.. well.. maybe it was long ago. :)

Kansas Bob
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