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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I love San Diego

What a great city. In three days I have seen it from all sides and the beauty of this oceanside property is breathtaking, not to mention the fresh cool mornings and evenings.

PLNU Seminar by the Sea was surprisingly challenging. The depth of spirituality in this tradition is impressive, not for its power but for Christlike simplicity. I have been moving in the direction that these men pioneered for living a life of love for all people, rich and poor, and especially the poor for the Nazarenes. These leaders love scripture, the Christ of scripture and the life emptied in service. One of the things I want to do that they have modeled is the memorization of whole passages of scripture. When you live and relive a test, it lives in you.

If I had another life I would find a home here and enjoy it for dedades, since I don't, I will resolve to come here as often as I can to see the fog roll off the ocean, to hear seagulls making a racket, and to be enchanted by the flowers, trees, and climate.

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