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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ministry under an unpopular president

A believer should always have some of his or her head in the clouds!!!!!

The majority of people in my world are hoping the President is a one termer. There is a tremendous amount of energy spent in conversation about what is wrong with our country and who and how can we fix it. These are all part of our political life in a democracy with a republican system of representation. We have the right to speak our minds, to protest, to vote, to complain, cajole, rant, and send Internet posts longing for a better day and a revival of a stronger America.

I am OK with all of this.....except for one thing, or the many things that relate to the one thing. As a follower of Christ I am called to see everyone in the light of His word and mission. I am called to emphasis the truth that my citizenship is in heaven, which makes me a bit of an alien on this earth, even when I am deep in electronic fantasy in Best Buy or pondering the price of peanut butter in the grocery....and when I am listening to political debate.

Elect me and my conservative friends and I will restore jobs and the good old days and mom's and apple pie and baby kissing. I will vanquish those liberals stealing my money and giving it away. You know how these conversations go. I listen to them and enter in, but somewhere deep in my spirit I know there are more important questions.

God, what are you doing with this culture and how can I be salt and light to this difficult and painful downturn? How can I express and encourage unity and love in a world of disunity and angry rhetoric? How can I remember that the world is very large, and you are involved with people of every nation and culture around the world, and not just monitoring presidential popularity poles like the rest of us??????

It is difficult ministering the timeless Gospel under an unpopular president. We are distracted from the things that really matter.

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