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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laptop restoration

The Sheraton Maui was used in the movie Hereafter with Matt Damon to represent a resort hit by the Asian Tsunami, its amazing how they weave shots together to produce the vision of the picture.

It took weeks for my daughters smart hubby to wrestle my Compaq back to life, and its brain exits again on two drives, ready to be remerged. One of the most amazing things in laptop technology is the growth of hard drive space in the newer ones. I have maxed out this drive on so many occasions just from pictures and music that it takes much more space than ever.

I understand the current popularity of tablets, but to me they will never replace the need for a keyboard. I am sticking with the large capacity and the functionality of the laptop, though they are a beast to lug around.

I have been teaching through Rob Bell's Love Wins for three weeks now and touched on Paul's restoration and reconciliation emphasis which is so beautiful and powerful to me. I remember how decades ago Chuck Colson opposed the death penalty after he established prison fellowship and hung around prisoners for several years. At the time it was not the popular law and order conservative message. As I have aged I see how much mercy God has shown me, and I see that after paying a just sentence the idea of restoration to useful life was attractive to his philosophy of ministry at Prison Fellowship.

I hope and believe that God sees broken and bondaged humanity that way. Western Christianity wants to destroy sinners, God wants to destroy the works of the devil and restore sinners to life. Bell believes God gets what God wants.

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Kansas Bob said...

More and more I am embracing the idea that people are not born immortal but become immortal when they are born of the Spirit. It makes so much sense because it explains so much. In contrast Universal Reconciliation presents more questions than answers.

Glad to hear that your car woes have come to an end. Good luck with the newer one.