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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One last visit

I made my third and last visit to my poor Kia Sedona today, at the Insurance holding lot. I wanted the Dash Mat that was pretty expensive since I bought the same model replacement car. I got permission and the guard said, "Have a seat, we will bring it right up",and I thought "What???" They have these huge Volvo car movers that allowed me to check the car one last time. Glad I did because I left my Bluetooth ear piece and some clip on glasses, and of course the mat.

Got my check at American Family, wrecks are personally expensive. I lost money and time on the repayment of this car. I hope we get to do the family trips I envision over the next several years.

Our city is very large, between my two stops I visited our huge downtown Banner Hospital to see one of our sweet ladies. Lots of driving, lots of humanity, lots of small business, lots of empty former car dealerships. Money makes the world go round....

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