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Saturday, August 20, 2011

O Happy Day

Exploring a Missionary Church in Kauai years ago.

Here is how my mind works. Today we were watching Secretariat, and the song O Happy Day plays during the film. I look it up to remember it became a hit in 1967 by the Edwin Hawkins Singers. They made 500 copys of the album hoping to sell them and were nominated for several grammies as a result. It became a top ten hit in the US and Britain. This is a song about the day Jesus washes our sins away. Pretty cool.

The Wiki tells me the original song came from the 17th Century, by Phillip Dodderidge to which a chorus was added in the 18th Century, which became the song which became wildly popular in the Movie, Sister Act 2. It has been viewed on You Tube millions of times. This did require a significant addition if soul and rhythm.

The boy on Sister Act 2 sang it when he was 15 and went on to form a group of soul singers, one of which he would marry. Whoopie Goldberg is neither a nun nor a Christian, but I love her anyway. She sang beautifully in both those movies, and they had a very uplifting message.

Now I am singing it in my mind all day long and I buy it on Amazon for 99cents.

So, if the feeling is right I will play it before our service starts tomorrow, and remember that every day is a happy day for the believer, we are more than conquerors and are being transformed from glory to glory in the face of Christ.

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