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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thank you, Reuben Wallace

He is a slight man, soft spoken, with an infectious sense of humor. He reminded me of a slender version of Al the owner of the burger joint in Happy Days early years, kind of sweet and sad eyed.

He spent 30 years as Chaplain at Point Loma Nazarene College, and mentored a generation of young leaders during chapel and Sundays at the Campus Church.

He wrote a commentary on Preaching through IICor. 3-5. He rose to speak and flawlessly quoted a whole chapter from memory without any sign of boasting about it. He told the story of how his Bible memorization started, and I pointed out the problem of having so many translations making Bible memorization difficult, and he agreed, stating he did his in KJV.

An overall point he made was the need to read the bible aloud, discuss it in community with others, and commit it to memory. Amen.

Another speaker, former student, now on staff, President of the Nazarene Seminary for a decade stood to speak....and quoted his text from memory. He was inspired by Dr. Wallace, he said.

I was inspired, so I ordered a Kindle version of the NKJV and am working on IICor. 5 as a starting place. I think the NKJV keeps the beauty of the KJV and have that familiar ring to it when speaking. We will see if I have the brains left to do this.

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