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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Could have been worse!

I debated about keeping this to myself, but my life is an open book and it would come out sooner or later, so.

I had a pretty serious accident today. No one hurt, two vehicles pretty much totaled.
He thought he had the light for a left turn, I was proceeding forward and in a flash he was in front of me and I slammed on my brakes and slammed into him. My airbag deployed and my right front hit his right rear. I must have been turning left while braking which explains why I hit on my passenger side.

It was on a very crowded freeway access road, a few stopped to see if we were hurt, one guy affirmed to me that the other driver had run through my green. Someone called the police as an eye witness and left a number so the truth will out. Meanwhile our vehicles are busted to bump-kiss, and mine on the second anniversary of it being new.
They both got hauled off to the impound. I got a ride to the Mall in the arresting back seat of a police car and waited for my wife to discover her phone was on vibrate while I destressed with a caramel frappichino at Star Bucks. Thankful.

Now the hassle of insurance and car repair??? or replacement. But, it could have been worse with bodily injury as the force of the collision knocked his tire over a retaining wall and broke his axle and drive shaft.


Anonymous said...

So grateful you are ok but what a hassle. More tests for Bud this week and then surgery next Monday. Will keep you posted. Eden

Anonymous said...

Dad, I drive the streets all day and it's scary out there. Glad all is well and I'll take a totaled car over a totaled dad.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are ok. I agree about the hassel. Hit goal of 40lbs lost. I have no clothes decent to go our in but I am not complaining. Now I am enjoying some calories before getting back on track. Greatest change is how quickly I feel full. Counting Carbs is really working so far. Having lots of fresh veggies from friends gardens has been a real plus. I took a vegetable stew to a group meeting last month and it was a hit.
Love, Judy