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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Car replacement shopping

Did I mention how much I enjoyed owning a Kia Sedona, it rides well, not flashy but nicely appointed, affordable for seven passengers, lots of room. I still want to enjoy packing the grandkids off on a vacation while they still want to, and throwing golf clubs, small pieces of furniture and boxes of food for the rescue mission.

Went back to the dealer that sold me my new car 2 years ago. We decided to replace the value of our old car if possible, not replace with a new car, but with a car of a similar age and condition.

This vehicle was probably purchased several months after my 2009, it is a 2010, still technically one year old, just a tad more mileage, and I must admit, less wear and tear on the exterior and interior than my deceased ride.

Showed the pics to Laura and she is in agreement. One week of car sharing was enough for me. We will finalize the deal when the insurance check is ready for us. We are again thankful.

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