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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning about Water

Cruising the internet to learn about health and nutrition is alot like searching for theological debates. Their are systems of nutrition that battle each other for dominance. Just the issue of the ratio of fats to carbs to proteins is a battlefield royal.

Recently I have been learning about the glue that keeps it all working, H20, water.
How much should we drink? Is all water the same. We finally bought a water system at the house to deal with our hard water. It is salt based, and many say this leeches essential minerals from the water and should not be used as drinking water.

Some health advocates say that making changes to water can be the basic for restoring health to the body. So, this month I have added water experimentation to my carbohydrate refeeding experimentation. I am my own health Guinea pig.

Health researcher Matt Stone is studying the body of research done by a soil chemist/preacher/and nutritional healer who died several decades ago and left behind a diverse and loyal series of health practitioner's who advocate two water therapies that are easy to try.

First, distilled water with fresh squeezed lemons hourly, 4 oz. of distilled water half hourly. I am not going to share the science behind it. I am just doing it. Got to drink water every day, don't we? Its water, we need it, I am trying it. I will share results later if their are any worth sharing.

Second, the Japanese discovered and developed micronutrient water several decades ago and you can find it in any health food store and even in Frys. Science in brief, added minerals, smaller molecular structure gets into the cells to purge and cleanse more deeply. What sold me was the claim, a serious aid to weight loss. I can tell you this, it makes you take more trips to the poddy. But as a diabetic I am used to that.

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