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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hurricane Camille 42 years ago

Beautiful eroded cliffs on Lanai last summer.

I was a camp counselor in Mentone, AL. That morning cars were pulling up to take some of our campers home early. Hurricane Camille slammed into the Mississippi Gulf Coast with killer ferocity, far more deadly than Katrina. It really changed the look of things down there. We never thought something that bad could happen twice???

16 year old Laura and her mom and best friend spent a good bit of time at the Sun and Sand Motel in Jackson, while her dad stayed home and ended up on top of a table as the water invaded their home on the bayou. The next big one, Katrina, finished off the home for good and it is only a memory.

This also means that I have been involved in ministry for 42 years. Time is flying by.

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