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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday alone

Summer is for playing on a beach somewhere!!!

My hard working wife is learning some mandatory computer skills today so I am a free bird. I have plans to execute.

She believes that the government attempts to standardize and leave no child behind are ultimately damaging education. Some people are suited to work with their hands, and a few will have the gifts to change the world in some field, and those of us in the middle can help in ways suited to our own capacities. We need a system that finds and sets free gifted students. Educate everyone, let some leave the rest behind.

I read another article on the fact that even if you are no Einstein, you can improve your intelligence by improving your memory, as the ability to remember facts and ideas is part of the process of intelligence. If you use it, you will strengthen it, if you neglect it, you will lose it. Hence my desire to return to scripture memorization and the inspiration I received last week in San Diego. Some time each day will be spent with my verse of the week.

Listening to Donovan, an english poet/singer from the 60s yesterday had a strange affect on me. As an aging hippy he still retains some of the zest that made coming of age in that time so interesting. He got the crowd singing along to "Happiness Runs" and by the end they were all hilariously happy. Another song emphasized that happiness is an attitude and a choice. I do not worship happiness, but I find that serving a God who has triumphed in the cross makes me grateful for each day, and....happy!!!

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