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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Metabolic experiment half over, the easy part

Textures in tree bark, a very popular subject in nature photography.

So, I mentioned that I was trying something the get my metabolism healed and more active. Though I have very active exercise program and a pretty strict low carb diet I had stopped losing pounds or inches.

Would you be willing to gain a few to get back on track? Yes, so for the last two weeks I have stayed less active and eaten mostly healthy but added back a number of carb sources. I have gained some weight, now I will tighten up and see what happens.

The body, according to all researchers,tries to protect its fat stores when it senses caloric restriction or over stressing , so you have to convince the metabolism not to slow down by changing your routines. Another way of saying it, is that you cannot lose weight by staying hungry or working out for hours on end.

I know we are all different, as we enter the season of political debates about the republican candidate to oppose Obama, I am unable to enter in with abandon. Just elect me and I will fix everything, no longer impresses me, and the problems we face are so enormous. I am sympathetic with the person who said that money buys votes, and until we fix that, overspending will never stop. Our republic is in danger and I am trusting God above political systems, even if He slays me, I will trust in Him. Don't think unkindly of me for not entering the bickering and the posturing.

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