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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Passing by Tattooine

Matching Power boats, one larger than the other. I am wondering how much expendable income it takes to enjoy a few trips a year in one of those sleek weekenders?

360 miles is just too long to run to San Diego for the weekend. Its six long hot hours of driving....sad. For my far away readers there is a massive sand dune called Imperial Dunes as you enter California that played the backdrop for the sand scenes in Star Wars. It feels like driving through Arabia.

The first time you exit the vehicle to gas up after leaving the coast you hit a blanket of steamy, windy, strength sapping heat that makes you want to risk homelessness on the streets of the coast rather than head home. But....I am home.

Over the years I have so enjoyed exposing myself to different faith families in my summer studies. The Nazarene faith began by one Pastors decision to make church a welcome place for the working poor in LA. I like their emphasis on Jesus as a servant leader and how we cannot be haughty when we follow one who reached down to our level and washed feet.


Anonymous said...

Just left sizzling Texas--was in Dallas for two days and it was 110--now in cool lush Laramie Wyoming at 7000 ft. --playing golf this morning--Eden
p.s. sounds like you need to find a resting place in San Diego !

Anonymous said...

I have visited the area twice and loved both times. Chris had an uncle who lived in the area. At one time we considered relocating in the area but it was very expensive even 20 years ago. We are enjoying a mountain summer. Temps in the 80's during the day and down to 50"s and 60"s at night. Every weekend there is a different little county fair. This week I will go to Addison, VT field days where many of my spinning and knitting friends will be doing demonstrations.
Love, JUdy