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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God and Syrian Independence

The building where we freely gather to worship as we see fit.

Dictators look so odd to an American. How on earth can one family run roughshod over a nation of people, living in luxury and power while abusing, killing, and impoverishing a nation of people. So many Syrians fled to American and love freedom and democracy but still love their homeland.

One such American warned us that it may take generations for such a country to stabilize and move toward democracy. I always wonder why the move from dictatorship to democracy is so difficult, expecially when a country like Syria has so much money from oil to work with. I guess its the nature of corruption.

My life is so different from those struggling people. I spent most of the last week trying to get wheels to drive, insurance money to cover the loss of wheels, and the everyday stuff of buying food in abundance, and enjoying freedom in abundance. It really is unfair in the big scheme of things, but I will continue to enjoy it, and pray it does not disintegrate into corruption as well.

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Kansas Bob said...

Suspect that the love of money and things is a worldwide problem. Each of us struggle against it in our own ways.

Hope you have been well. My web time has been restricted as my sore back has prevented me from carrying my laptop to the hospital.