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Saturday, April 30, 2011

In prasie of Craftsman

In the nineteen days since we began this remodeling project we have worked with a series of teams who work with their heads, hands and tools. The structure and sheet rock crew was talkitive and jovial, gladly following the orders of the head carpenter.

The cabinet installation team, just two young men, were more deliberate and artistic, even the music they played while working was different. We marveled at the care and creativity of the way they dealt with the eccentricities of our particular space.

The one man who laid out the template for the granite counter had to get it right for his calculations would be set in stone permanately. He told me he loved making model airplanes and cars growing up. So did I, but I am a clutz with my hands.

The two men on the tile crew are very focused, and it is physical and artistic at the same time. Watching the master tile setter create the angles of my daughters design for our entrance tiles was amazing. I honor all those who are in the building trade and hope for boom times again.

I love the scripture that tells us to find work and do it with passion and care. We are made in the image of our creative and careful loving God, who is working still.

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