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Sunday, May 1, 2011

He brings me to His Banqueting Table

The Lord was so present in the breaking of the Bread today. We thought about our brothers and sisters in the south and the devastation of so many communities.

I spoke on the latest rapture predictions of Harold Camping and Family Radio. I simply think all date setting is missing the point. Wolf has been cryed thousands of times in church history, and so far, as of today, the date setters are batting the big "zero". Just live and serve God, the final invitation to the Feast and the Wedding are in God's mind alone. I look forward to being surprised.

I was mostly undogmatic about anyones views, except I have a deep dissatisfaction with those teachers who keep writing books and profiting from decades of failed prophecy's. At some point its about fear and greed and the desire to be in the spotlight with our national evangelical obsession.

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Northampton said...

Fantastic photos, it seems you had a great time during your trip to Banqueting Northampton.