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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Revisiting Micronutrients and heart health

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I often joke with people and say I could lecture on nutrition fluently, I just can't practice good nutrition. The truth is that I read alot and really do understand the debates going on in the healthcare community about the best diet for optimal health.

It is also true that I have, for the last several years been learning to eat better and exercise more regularly. This is the reason for my discouragment about another heart blockage, although as I said I am extremely grateful to still be here having to make the nutritional decisions I face.

I came home with a pile of literature from the hospital which basically recommend some form of a low fat, low cholesterol, high complex carb, low meat type diet. They believe healthy grains should comprise the greatest basis of your diet.

I agree with the teaching that nutrition and health are about far more than "calories in and calories out", I also agree that there are good fats and bad fats, and good carbs and bad carbs. I have read extensively on the issue of metabolic resistance and the roots of type 2 diabetes, which I developed from my adulthood till I turned 50 and was diagnosed.

I have with lessor or greater success been attempting to maintain insulin balance for ten years with diet, and anywhere from six to eight medications to deal with my lifelong high blood pressure, my diabetes, and my cholesterol and high trygliceride issues. To fight artheroscloris I have been on plavix and statin drugs from most of the ten years.

Oops. Sounds like I am lecturing. Got to stop, but here is where I am in my thinking in the most visceral question possible. I have a hard decision to make.....
PIZZA and PASTA!!!!! or....LIFE and BETTER HEALTH and WEIGHT CONTROL!!!!! I will explain this later, blessings, fellow foodies.


Redlefty said...

Glad you are still around!

I really don't understand the low-fat, low-meat, high-carb diet for someone with Type 2. Perhaps they're trying to pick the lesser of two problem-causing nutrition plans and would rather not address the Type 2 and let your heart have a rest?

Anonymous said...

I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am notl dieting but am counting carbs. This has resulted in 10lb weight loss and with oral medicine my number has gone from over 9 to 6.2. in six weeks. I miss pasta and pizza and have had to really lessen rice intake, a staple in my diet up to now. With the many low carb options available i can include treats (ice cream for me). I also know that we were raised to perceive food as both a reward and comfort in our family. It went on to being entertainment in my adult life. When I analyze my food cravings I try to do it in this light. Take your time to heal and know that I am thinking of you and sharing a bit of this walk. Love, judy