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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This could get old quick, but Laura prepared taco soup last night in an old cooker that she thinks is older than she is.

Today a team is taking insulation out of the ceiling where the remodeling crew will be changing the shape of the roof and walls. This afternoon the tile wrecking crew will arrive.

I remember where I was and how I felt 50 years ago when John Glenn orbited the earth 50 years ago. I attended a really neat school in the fifth and sixth grade that was on the campus of Troy State College, now University. We were a laboratory school providing young educators an opportunity to observe teaching and participate while in college. The school was torn down decades ago but the memories of those early days in the deep south of Alabama have imprinted so deeply in my brain that I will always be saying.....Not Whistling Dixie!!!!!

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Kansas Bob said...

I remember following the travels of the astronauts. Somehow I thought that we would have had men on Mars by now.