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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That's using the old dome

Two domes, one old, one not so old. One is non thinking, the other thinks. The one on the left will be here when the one on the right is gone. Yet God loves His creation and His creatures.

The British Monarchy to most Americans seems like a quaint anachronism. We changed our views 200 years ago. Most Protestants do not understand the robes and hats and incense of the Pope and Catholic worship tradition. We changed our views 500 years ago.

Most Christians do not observe the Jewish Passover. We changed our views over 2000 years ago.

Most younger people do not understand all the reasons older people think the way they do because they lack historic perspective and are driven by peer influence.

A Savior, chosen before the foundation of the world, walked upon it 2000 years ago, rose from the dead and lives forever more and understands it all, and His advice is fresh every morning.

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