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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pushy Salesmen and Beggars

Kitchen roof remodel
A street scene in MX.

Algondones is a tourist and senior shopping city just across the California border near Yuma AZ with parking in the US. People buy leather goods, chochskies, and prescriptions drugs. The salesmen molest you with their wares, making it an unpleasant situation more me, a guy who hates saying no to people.

When I was taking photos I was razzed, its like they don't want you to do anything on their streets without paying for it. It's really kind of sad. I gave to as many of the women begging with children as I could. My friend brought back medicines for his family, and their liquor stores are discount as well. If I had problems with medicare payments or finances I would buy those drugs in a heartbeat!!!!!and many people do each day.

You have to show your passport when leaving, and the later in the day, the longer the wait. It took over 30 minutes for us to get back across the border.

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