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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Is this vehicle Tsunami proof?

I enjoy movies with mystery, suspense, and a touch of connection to the possible. The recent spate of end of the world movies were enjoyable, like 2012, and Knowing, and the older Meteor hits earth movies. I have watched most of them more than once.

What I do not like is having to watch a repeat of a Harold Camping Debacle. From 81 to 88 the end of the world scenarios captured and wasted the time of the American fundamental and conservative churches. Campings 1994 book of the same name showed how his fecund (reading this as smelly) mind had parsed the dating schemes of history and scripture and prophecy.

Fast forward to the Billboard May 21st rapture hoopla. The old man is at it again, having used his fertile (reading this as decrepit) mind to arrive at another date and to coax loyal followers to quit jobs and raise questions. I personally have a great desire to be surprised by the end of the world, as I will probably be surprised when the big one hits my own heart. Too much time to plan is not such a good thing, especially since I have lived all my life by the psalm that says...teach us to number our days and get a heart of wisdom.

My guess is that they believe this warning will fill the final coffers of the elect on the glory train. "People get ready, theres a train a comin, pickin up passengers one by one." I guess I will watch 2012 one more time....but to put "Knowing" and Harold Camping in the same sentence will be hard. Forgive the rant if I am wrong.

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