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Thursday, April 28, 2011

1000 posts

Two weekings into the project with two weeks to go until counter tops are installed. This is fun...and expensive.

Once again I thank the Callaway High School class of 1968 for inspiring me to start a blog in August of 2008, and my love of sharing pictures of life for keeping me at it. My family for telling me that they can keep up with us through this medium which for me is easier than letter writing or emailing. For the members of my church who say they enjoy checking in on my daily doings and odd thinkings.

I was getting more heart health lectures from the educational staff at Banner Desert Sam Hospital yesterday and she was using this most excellent computer program that is available for everyone on the Web which shows all the things going on with heart disease and heart health. Fascinating. She used an illustration of the heart being like teflon when we are young, and scrambling eggs with a fork as to how our heart lining is damaged by excess glucose and other irritants in our diet.

All disease has its roots in inflammation as our bodies try to fix the damage and the fix goes wrong. Excess triglycerides enter the arteries behind cholesterols attempts to smooth out our irriated vessels and get stuck so the plaqueing gets enlarged and narrows the arterial wall.

When and if the plaque ruptures, the fat explodes into the artery and the blood instanly begins to clot in an attempt to heal itself, The clogging brings on a sudden and often fatal heart attack. So its not our miraculous bodies, but our dietary abuse that creates the problem. This may be more information than you wanted, but for me this knowledge is about life and death.

Someone asked me if God knew the length of your life. Yes, from God's prospective, but from ours we have all kinds of opportunities to take proper care of ourselves, live wisely, so that from our perspective we are extending out life. It's a beautiful joining of God's knowledge with His encouragement for us to do the things that lead to abundant life.

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