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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leave it to the professionals

Busted up tile.

There are so many things about building and remodeling that take forethought. Before you bust out a ceiling, someone has to remove the insulation. After you change things, someone has to reroute all kinds of electrical and plumbing outlets, and redo air conditioning ducts in new places.

We had a 3 inch problem about unmatching walls that had no easy fix. We discussed, and looked at solutions and chose the best of three options. There are things that come up that no one can foresee that take compromise.

God is the master builder of a huge remodeling project, called "the reconciliation of all things in heaven and on earth". Things are happening behind the scenes all the time with foresight we cannot imagine. Its gets messy in the process because so many people and things are changing, but in the end, the beauty will prevail.

So think about the horror and beauty of holy week, when the master carpenter threw Himself completely into his project, and got hurt.....and healed.

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