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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I am tempted to feel sorry for myself

A Giant among Christians.

I think of the life of Joni Earicksen Tada. She has been greatly used of God through paralysis. Her faith has overcome her problems. We are the same age. Her books on Heaven and Suffering are some of the best ever written.

I heard her speak in person in 1988 at Biola College in Los Angeles. I decided that night to leave Dixie if I had the opportunity.

I will be seeing her at the Arizona Govenor's Prayer Breakfast this week. And my friend Don often shared how difficult it is for her to travel as her bones have become very brittle and her body had wasted from decades of paralysis. I think of her life and ministry, and her constant victory over circumstances that would overwhelm most, and I just cannot feel sorry for my heart disease, my life, my circumstances.

I can only hope to follow this woman in praising God for His goodness and presence through it all.

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Kansas Bob said...

Joni is so inspirational. Hope you enjoy her talk at the prayer breakfast. Wish I was there with you.