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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pritiken or Adkins????

Eggs and cheese are my friends.

A dear friend asked me if I had considered going vegetarian to deal with my heart and nutritional issues. Yes and no. I considered it years ago after the first, and found it too difficult for me to be faithful and successful with. I spent some time with Raw foodists as well and they both have my admiration.

The other options are low fat, complex carb diets like the family of diets started by Pritiken, or Moderate fat, moderate protien low carb diets like the family of diets following Adkins. Adkins was way to unbalanced, but the role of carb control in weight reduction has been proven beyond doubt.

With diabete and heart disease, my studies have me leaning towards insulin spikes as the cause of inflammation as the cause of plaque build up. Genetics and a nasty form of small dense LDL do not help the situation.

For me the answer until I am convinced otherwise is the rigid control of blood glucose levels which means all carbs that are quickly converted must be severely limited. So many balanced healthy all good food recipes and ideas are out there, and I have found living without processed grains to be doable and enjoyable. The role of cholesterol in heart disease has been overstated, as they are essential to life and health. Bad fats and overeating anything have to go.

I have a goal to lose 25 more pounds and know anything more than one or two a week is not really possible. I am enjoying all I have read about the miracle of the human body and nutrition.

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